The SIBIL-Lab ANR LabCom project is a collaboration between the ALG (Attestation Légale)SME and the LIRIS research laboratory. ALG provides a social network for the management of B2B relations between customers and suppliers. ALG’s solution allows collecting, digitizing, archiving and distributing companies’ legal files, via its B2B social network. ALG’s pioneering partners include Eiffage Construction, Bouygues , Nexity, Veolia, Veolia, Adecco, Ikea, Crédit Agricole, Fiducial, Colas and Hospices Civiles de Lyon.

Fraud has been identified as a priority target by ALG and its customers. Indeed, one of the main objectives of ALG is to allow the members of its B2B social network, often competing companies, to share in a secure and confidential way some of their financial data so that they can be consolidated and analyzed, thereby countering fraud attempts. In this context, the sensitivity of the manipulated data and their analysis opens challenges in terms of security, reliability, integrity, availability.

SIBIL-Lab address the problem of digital identity management, and the detection of fraud attempts in the context of B2B social networks. Its objective is to enable ALG to deploy a platform capable of scaling, detecting and countering fraud attempts.